Delivery of furniture in packages

We will deliver the furniture by our company car or send it on a pallet well secured by Raben courier company. The delivery amount is fixed, regardless of the number of furniture.

Transport cost from 99 zł

Delivery of assembled furniture

To meet your expectations, we also offer a service assembly and bring furniture. In this case, the furniture will be delivered only by company car.

Furniture assembly cost +10%* and contributing +5%*
*wartość naliczana od całkowitej kwoty za zamówienie

Delivery of furniture by company car

This option allows you to enjoy the furniture on the day of delivery. Furniture will be assembled in our company and delivered to you already assembled. Large wardrobes and beds that are hard to come by bring it already assembled, our assemblers will assemble it on site.

We deliver furniture throughout Europe via courier companies, and their cost is determined individually for each order and depends on the weight and shipment dimensions. For larger orders, it is also possible to transport by our car corporate.:

1. When choosing the option of delivery by company car, keep in mind that the date delivery may be extended by approx. a week. This has to do with the need to assemble furniture, as well as planning a route to you.

2. Delivery - after completing the entire order, we call you and we determine the day and time of delivery (about 2-3 days before delivery). We will send on the day of delivery to you an e-mail reminding you of the delivery, the estimated time and the information provided drivers phone number. Due to different road conditions the driver always informs about the more accurate time of arrival, if it was to change changed.

3. Delivery of assembled furniture - means that the furniture is assembled into blocks (furniture about large dimensions, i.e. wardrobes or beds are assembled on site). Option this does not include hanging on the wall, and when buying kitchen furniture in this option we also do not do full assembly, i.e. hanging, setting up cabinets, imposition of countertops, cutting holes for equipment, sink or assembly of household appliances. This everything must be done on your own.

4. Delivery of assembled furniture without bringing it into the apartment - for the purpose safe delivery of furniture, internal shelves, e.g. next to a display case, wardrobe or the chest of drawers are packed separately, therefore the lighting will not be either mounted. The handles are also not screwed to the furniture. We dont want furniture despite protection, they were damaged.

5. When choosing the option delivery of assembled furniture, Gentlemen after bringing all the elements to the apartment, they will unpack at the customers request brought furniture, and put shelves, install lighting and screw it handles.

6. Contribution - when choosing this option, please check carefully, Whether selected furniture can be brought into your apartment. They are the most common problem large 3-seat sofas and large corners whose dimension is greater than the width pass through halls or narrowed doorways to rooms. If during bringing it turns out that the purchased furniture will not fit in these places and is the need to disassemble some elements, then the client must do it on his own range.

7. The payment of the remaining or the entire amount must be settled with the driver in cash. We are asking for preparation of the exact amount, because unfortunately not always the driver has how spend. The driver does not have a card payment device. Driver he will then hand over the purchase invoice for the purchased furniture.

8. If the driver does not answer the phone, it means that he is bringing furniture to u another customer and will call you back as soon as possible.

Furniture delivery by courier

It is the fastest form of delivery performed by Raben, which reaches you usually the next day after it has been shipped from us. The amount shown is the total amount for the whole shipment, regardless of the value of the order.

1. Shipping by courier - this is a pallet shipment, i.e. furniture is in packages (not this applies to factory-assembled furniture) on a pallet well protected against damage as shown in the photos below. Very often, however, such shipments we deliver with our company car at the same price.

2. We always call the customer before delivery and without confirming the delivery date responds, we do not ship the goods.

3. On the day the parcel is received by the courier from our company, it will be sent to an e-mail a message with the tracking number, as well as information on how to track it shipment. If there are any problems with the shipment, you can contact us at any of the numbers listed on our website between Mon. until fri from 9.00- 17.00

4. On delivery, it is only possible to pay in cash. The courier does not terminal.

5. The courier does not bring the parcel to the house or apartment. The shipment is delivered to the place where the driver can get to and where it is possible to unload the pallet from commodity. The customer is not obliged to return the empty pallet to the courier.

6. If, during the delivery, it turns out that the shipment, despite being properly secured has been damaged, please pick it up and write it down only with the courier damage report. In this case, all damaged elements or entire solids new ones will be delivered to you only on the basis of photos.

7. ATTENTION - the invoice for the delivered goods is under the stretch foil, next to the shipment in our company envelope, where there is also a note NOTE INVOICE, as you can see in the pictures below.

8. If the courier fails to deliver the parcel to you on the agreed day, please do so informing us so that we can clarify the situation.

Delivery of furniture abroad

We deliver furniture throughout Europe via courier companies, and their cost is determined individually for each order and depends on the weight and shipment dimensions. For larger orders, it is also possible to transport by our car corporate.

To receive a quote, please contact us by phone or e-mail at the address:

Delivery to Germany

The map below shows the approximate costs of furniture delivery to Germany.
Green color - indicative prices for shipping furniture by courier. We calculate each order individually.
Red - company car delivery costs Sklepu Meblowego Gama. Optionally, the service of assembly and bringing in furniture is also available.

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