About us

Our GAMA Furniture Store was established in Sława in 2000, but it had its roots in 1984 when our the first POLO Furniture Store in Nowa Sól.

We are a small family company employing 25 people from 100% with the participation of Polish capital. The furniture we sell comes in 99% from Poland, thanks to its quality and reliability we guarantee our experience. Over the years, we have gained the trust of many satisfied customers. With our help, furnishing a modern living room, a cozy bedroom, a practical youth room or functional office, no problem. We have the appropriate experience in this field, developed over the years furniture industry.

Who are we?

Gama is an online furniture store as well as store stationary which is located in Sława in the Lubuskie Province. It is created by wonderful people with great passion and experience gained over the years. Professionals who know their job. We are open to customer needs. Gladly we provide advice, guidance and assistance. 35 years of tradition and experience have taught us that the most important thing in success is the constant pursuit of excellence. Fulfilling your orders, advising you and enjoying each positive transaction, we become better and richer in the necessary for us experience.

Our goal?

We are a store with over 35 years of tradition. ours The aim is above all meeting your expectations. We try to be the most complete answer to all your questions needs. Our goal is your satisfaction, comfort and quick shopping. We are constantly modifying the website, improving it comfort of ordering, we are expanding our offer with new producers and adding tens of thousands of new products annually.

What do we offer?

The Gama store is a variety of colors and patterns. It is also a wealth of furniture with different functionality. We have the widest range of kitchen furniture, modern and classic furniture room, cozy bedroom furniture systems, functional youth furniture, a wide range of mattresses, furniture upholstered by reputable manufacturers. You will also arrange small bathrooms with us, spacious offices and a loft lounge. The offer of the Gama store includes both single pieces of furniture and ready-made sets furniture. Most often, we assemble them on site and then safely transport them to your address. If necessary, the furniture is also assembled at the customer's place of residence. We deliver furniture for throughout Poland and Germany. We also deal with kitchen designs, we offer good advice and we respond to numerous questions by phone, chat, e-mail and product forms. We do not know sentences 'can't'. We always try to find a solution, for us the customer is the most important, because we know that it is thanks to you that we have a job, that's why we put 100% of our power into it.

We invite you to use our services. Together we can do more!
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